We currently run 2 courses for preschool children (from 2 and half years old 〜)in Tunbridge Wells.


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Lessons are run weekly and are 50 minutes long.  This is reduced to 40minutes for children less than 3 years old.  Class size is limited to a maximum of 4 children.

Our courses are designed according to the order of how children acquire knowledge. The information that children receive will go through a series of steps before turning into knowledge (hand ability → spatial ability → shape ability → mathematical skills).  The courses that we offer have many activities that aim to cultivate the abilities that are required to form knowledge.  We focus on the four non-literacy skills in Pygmalion Micklos Course.

As we have just introduced Pygmalion to the UK, our first classes being held in Tunbridge Wells (Kent).  We are now enrolling children in the grades below.

P Grade 2.5 – 3 yrs In this stage, their finger and hand ability (dexterity) is significantly improved.  We focus mainly on these skills as well as introducing basic numeracy skills at this stage.
Y Grade 3 – 4 yrs We focus on completing development of dexterity skills and introduce intellectual skills – spatial, shape and mathematical.

We are asking the parents/guardian to attend the lessons, so that they can understand the teaching methods and lesson content.  They will then be able to follow their child’s progress and encourage them outside lessons time.

Let’s work together to give your child the best chance at the start of their educational journey.  The possibilities for them are infinite!


For children of primary school age and above lessons can continue.  The contents is outlined below.

G Grade 4 – 5 yrs   (Reception) Rapid development of intellectual skills.  Child a challenged with more complex spatial, shape and mathematical lessons.
M Grade 5 – 6 yrs             (Year 1) At the end of these lessons the child will have developed skills and understanding equivalent to a normal age 6-7 child.  Their spatial and shape skills will be above this level. The skills developed during these lessons will remain useful throughout life.
L Grade 6 – 7 yrs           (Year 2) At the end of these lessons the child will be able to perform addition and subtraction easily up to 10,000.  The child will also be developed with understanding of three dimensions.





We are also very happy to announce we have started online lesson in English and Chinese for the people who can not attend to the lessons geographically.

For more details, please go to our new website for online lesson page in English and Chinese.




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We would also like to recommend this course to the people who is having the online lessons and cannot attend the weekly lessons in Tunbridge Wells school.  We would want you to visit once a month, so that we can check how your children are progressing online lessons. During this visit, parents can also learn how to explain to their children our methods and we can discuss anything issues that you and your children are struggling with.

More details for online lesson, please go to our online lesson page.

Once a month lesson fee – click here

If you are interested in the online lesson but also wants to meet the teacher once a month, please contact us.