Learning Materials



P Grade (2.5 – 3 years old)

Magnetic Shapes Puzzle


Learning 10 different shapes using Magnetic Shapes Puzzle. Fitting magnetic shapes to pictures on the magnetic board.  With practice 2-3 years old can easily place the shapes into the flame.




Y Grade (3 – 4 years old)

 Wooden Blocks


Understanding quantity using physical objects.  Working with quantity groups, combining these into larger quantities and dividing these into small quantities.  These lessons help your child to develop a deep understanding addition, subtraction and multiplication without using number digits.



Nummer Kasten 


Children develop an understanding of the quinary system using this learning tool.  They learn addition and subtraction by visualising groups of objects and not by counting the individual balls.  The idea is not for children to simple remember the answer to a problem by practising over and over again but to visualise the problem each time and deduce the answer from what they see at that time.  They can learn the basic addition and subtraction up to 20 using this Nummer Kasten.  After some time, they are able to visualise the volume of items in their head and internalise the calculation, thus no longer needed the physical learning tool.  This method then becomes the basis, along with Dot Grid Sheet,  to enable more complicated, large number calculations, which would be very difficult to simply remember.


Tench Puzzle (8 piece tangram)

09  IMG_9128 (1)

This learning tool has a large, a medium and three small isosceles right triangles, a square, a parallelogram and a trapezium.  Children manipulate these shapes, combining them is to larger shapes in increasingly complex ways.



G Grade (4 – 5 years old)

Pelican Puzzle
18  IMG_0997

Using these two dimension wooden puzzle, children can make a circle, semicircle, square and diamond.  Doing so, they learn the name of the shapes while visualising them and the relationship between the shapes and their component parts.  They also develop an understanding of the different angles, and differences between straight and curve lines.


Set of shape cards

Contain 12 shapes x 2 different colours (red & blue) x 2, total 48 cards.
two dimension shape dices (red & blue)
Enjoy many kind of card games.


M Grade(5  -6 years old)

Wild Goat Puzzle


This is the highest level puzzle among Pygmalion Original puzzles. Children learn hole to arrange the shaped and coloured blocks into the border to make a given pattern.  Doing so, they develop not only three dimension knowledge but also visual and space concepts.



Dot Grid Sheet C


When children learn amounts with these materials, they will be able to feel the amount by visually, allowing the to be able to perform addition and subtraction easily up to 10,000.

Once they can calculate up to 10,000 they will be able to learn multiplication, division, weight, length, volume, area, aliquot, factor, fraction, arithmetic progression etc easily.