Joining fee      £65         (Siblings per child £45)

Lesson fee                      £28               50mins per week/ weekly lesson

※ We accept the payment half termly or monthly in advance. Please contact us more details.

Material fees

Magnetic shapes


Nummer Kasten (Counting balls)


In Pygmalion method, we use many kind of teaching materials.  These are designed to encourage children to develop their learning skills.

Children will learn naturally through playing games.

We provide work sheets free of charge. However, some materials need to be purchased for each family.

Classes Ages Lesson length Learning materials need for grade Cost of the materials
P Grade  2.5 – 3yrs 40mins Magnetic shapes £34.00
Y Grade   3 – 4yrs 50mins

Wooden blocks

Nummer Kasten

Tenchi puzzle

G Grade   4 – 5yrs 50mins

Pelican puzzle

Set of shape cards

M Grade   5 – 6yrs 50mins Wild Goat puzzle

Dot Grid SheetsC


※ If a child joins after the first grade (P) then all prior learning materials will be required.
※ Please see this link for more learning material details.
※ The material prices shown above may vary due to changes in the import tax and the exchange rate etc.


We are very happy to announce we have started online lesson in English and Chinese for the people who can not attend to the lessons geographically.

Please go to our online lesson page.

For more details about online lesson please click here.


                                        + Tunbridge Wells School

No Joining fee

Online Lesson fee      Please contact us  click here.

+ having one to one lesson at Tunbridge Wells School

Once a month                            £40 per 1 hour lesson